Certified Used Sets

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Save Money On Your LEGO® Purchase

New LEGO® sets come with a premium price. However, you can save a significant amount by purchasing certified used sets from Bricks & Minifigs. Our previously-owned LEGO® sets undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure you have every piece you need to complete the build. Our promise to you is that every certified used LEGO® set from Bricks & Minifigs of Orem will exceed your expectations of quality and completeness. 

Certified Used Sets

Previously owned LEGO® sets. Sets have been through the process of verifying all pieces are accounted for.

Buying a certified used LEGO® set is a great way to get all the fun and functionality you expect from LEGO® for a fraction of the price. Whether they’re for you, your family, or just a LEGO® lover in your life, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your certified pre-owned set from Bricks & Minifigs of Orem. If you have questions about Bricks & Minifigs or our certified used sets, please feel free to contact us. Our team of LEGO® enthusiasts will be happy to help you with any and all of your LEGO® needs!

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